Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Few images captured by our talented photographers last week !

Celebration of love

It was exciting to welcome a brand new Easter baby to the studio this week! Baby Wyatt was born on Good Friday to Mum and Dad (aka Cassie and Stephen) and they came to Image to have a wonderful newborn photo shoot!

At only 7 days old little Wyatt was a darling to have in the studio and was very easy-going and well-behaved! We got some lovely shots of him snuggled up on the fur blankets we have, as well as beautiful photos capturing the whole family together. 
The bond between father and son
Dad Stephen has lots of fantastic tattoos and we captured some wonderful shots contrasting these with the vulnerability and innocence of baby Wyatt, showing the close bond that has already formed between father and son. Such a close bond in fact that Wyatt felt comfortable enough pooing on Dad in the studio!! Talk about an action shot!

The happy family had such a beautiful selection of photos to choose from, and they will now be able to treasure these at home in one of our albums!

It was also a pleasure to welcome South African couple Anita and Erika to Image Portrait Studio this week along with their two Jack Russells - Starbuck and Meelix! Anita and Erika have known each other a long time and do lots of activities together such as tandem cycling and karate!

Pets are always an important part of the family and we showed that bond by creating some lovely group shots of the 4 of them all together, enjoying being in each others company. 
Love shared in a happy family
As well as this, we wanted to capture the closeness and love between Anita and Erika and we spent some time focusing on the happy couple. We love it when couples are open to trying skin shots as the results are truly beautiful and highlights their passion for each other in an intimate yet tasteful way.

Once again, there was such a wonderful range of photos to choose and Anita and Erika created a stunning portfolio box of memories to love forever!

Another happy couple we had the pleasure of meeting this week were Bradley and Emma who came to the studio looking for some wonderful couple photos. Originally from the UK, these guys are now settled over here and have been married for a year.

They brought in their decorative wedding cake base layer to include in the shoot and it was clear to see that the love they share is still as strong as ever! We captured this by letting them look at each other rather than at the camera and their connection shows instantly, along with their matching smiles! 

As in love as on their wedding day!
With this photo as the centrepiece, Emma and Bradley created a sensational acrylic 'Contempo' piece of 5 beautiful photos, that will be a perfect addition to their home!

All of our clients have so much love for one another, whether it is between a couple, a parent and child, or a whole family - pets included! In turn, we love to capture this and turn that closeness into art that they can treasure forever!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Happy Easter from Image Portrait Studio!

Easter is a time to spend with loved ones and celebrate being a family, and we had some wonderful people in Image Portrait Studio this week! Here are just a few of our favourite moments!

It was a pleasure to welcome Eldric, Reinallen and Renai to the studio last week to celebrate Renai's upcoming first birthday! Little Renai was a dream to have in the studio, with his cheeky little smile and bags of personality! He was a bundle of joy who clearly adores his Mum and Dad and there was a lot of giggling in the studio from everyone involved!

They were such a wonderful family and it was clear to everyone how much they all love each other. Eldric and Reinallen were in matching 'Super man' and 'Wonder girl' t-shirts, and it's only a matter of time before little Renai has one of his own! It was a real pleasure to photograph such a happy family and we captured the closeness between them all beautifully. 
Happy Families
With so many photos to choose from they left with a stunning 'Classico Canvas 4 Series' of family photographs, plus an additional canvas of Renai to showcase at his birthday party next month! 

We also had Vanita and the marvellous Grover visit our studio for a 'Mum and Pup' shoot! Grover is a young labradoodle with bundles of energy and a fun loving personality! It was so much fun to have him in the studio and he stole all our hearts with his cute little face! He clear adores Vanita and they have a lot of love to share and a very close bond.

We got Vanita and Grover to lie together on the floor next to each other and just be natural so we could capture the real closeness of their relationship. Watching how they can communicate with each other with just a look was a real privilege and goes to show that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that even those who don't share a language can still share a heart.

Best friends
With so many photos to choose from Vanita went for one of our beautiful albums full of memories that she is going to treasure forever. Just like children, young pups such as Grover inevitably grow up and we think it is so important to capture those moments before they have passed by to create lasting memories.

Seeing how happy our work makes people and being able to create these timeless memories is so worthwhile and is exactly why we love what we do here at Image Portrait Studio!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Laughter and tears at Image Portrait Studio

It's always a lot of fun when we have a large family in the studio - particularly when they bring their furry friends along too! Yolande and Rudolf came in with their two sons and Yolande's parents who were visiting from South Africa, then add Varkie the staffie and a cat to the mix too and it's no wonder we all had so much fun in the studio! Varkie had to have a sniff at everything and explore the studio and stole all our hearts with her lovely personality!

It was lovely to get the grandparents involved in the photo shoot too and we captured some really special memories for the whole family! One of our favourites was of father and son - Big Rudolf and Little Rudolf - standing back to back and looking at each other, it really captures how little Rudolf looks up to his Dad! Managing to get the family all together for a fantastic group family portrait was brilliant fun, especially with getting the pets involved too!
The beautiful family!
There were so many family dynamics for us to photograph, from individual shots to the whole family together, and they were thrilled with the results! They went away with a wonderful selection of photos in one of our beautiful portfolio boxes that they can treasure forever!

It was a pleasure to welcome Cheryl to the studio on Friday for what was meant to be a business-style corporate shoot, but ended up being a spur of the moment 'All About Me' shoot instead! Cheryl was a blast and we all had so much fun with her in the studio! She had a fantastic bubbly personality and was game for all of our photographers ideas, and we finished up doing a wonderful skin photo shoot showcasing Cheryl in all of her glory!

It was an honour to make Cheryl feel special in the studio!
It was an honour to make Cheryl feel as special as she deserves to feel and give her such an amazing experience with us. Cheryl epitomises why we love what we do and brightened our day! She had tears in her eyes when we showed her all of her beautiful photos, and for us to be able to bring that amount of joy to someone through what we do is a privilege.

Even though Cheryl had only planned on coming in for some corporate-style photos, she ended up with a stunning four canvas series of her beautiful photos. She thought she was just after a business photo, but what she actually needed was to be reminded how special and amazing she is.

Monday, 3 April 2017

A Sporty Weekend!

There was a lot of fun and laughter in the studio this weekend – although luckily not because of any April Fool’s Day pranks!! We had a number of sporty couples in the studio that brought in their sports gear and recreated the competitive atmosphere and sportsmanship spirit for us and we all had a great time! We love it when our clients share a passion for a particular activity and are able to bring that into the studio for us to capture and create special memories unique to their lives!

We were excited to welcome Amy and Mitchell into the studio this weekend as one of their favourite activities is to go quad biking together! We captured some wonderful shots of them both in their riding gear - Amy in pink and black and Mitchell in yellow, blue and black - and the results were great! Unfortunately we weren't able to have their quads in the studio (they wouldn't quite fit through the door!!) but they brought along their helmets and we got some amazing photos!

Sharing a love of quad bikes and each other
As well as these great shots, we also captured their romantic side, taking some beautiful photos of them both in the outfits they wore to their recent engagement party! We love recreating memories in our studio so it was wonderful to capture photos for them that will always remind them of that special time! Amy and Mitchell had an amazing selection of photos and went home with a beautiful portfolio box filled with memories they will treasure forever!

Another exciting couple that we welcomed to the studio over the weekend were Sarah and Matthew, who brought in their floorball kit for us and recreated a bit of friendly competition! Floorball was actually how they met so we all 'had a ball' creating those special memories for them in the studio! They both play regularly, Sarah in particular, so it was wonderful to capture their enthusiasm for the sport and their love for each other in the same shoot! One of our favourite shots was a silhouette-style photo of Sarah in her goalkeeper’s helmet and Matthew standing opposite her, heads close together and looking into each other’s eyes!
They scored a goal when they met each other and fell in love!
We also had Claire and Santino in the studio and they brought their wonderful doggies Nala and Ares in with them! Like all our couples this weekend, these guys were also very sporty, this time being into their AFL and came along in their team jerseys! We captured this brilliant shot of them all together with Ares showing her Mum some love and licks! We love capturing 'in the moment' shots such as this and it’s always fantastic when the results come out so well!

Caught in the act!
With so many wonderful shots to choose from these guys decided to buy one of our beautiful albums filled with loads of photos of their fun and love filled day!

We always encourage our clients to bring along things they are passionate about when they come in to the studio, it creates a wonderful dynamic and a really great personalised shoot! As long as it fits through the door, you are welcome to bring it!!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Love is in the air at Image Portrait Studio!

We've had a very romantic week in the studio this week and have created some gorgeous artwork for many beautiful couples! It is always a pleasure to capture the essence of their relationships and celebrate their love with stunning photography they will cherish forever. 

Alessia and Mauro have been together for many years and moved over to Australia from Italy about 3 years ago. They have now been married for a year and wanted a casual photo shoot to capture their love and companionship for each other.

They were happy to do some skin shots with us and we captured a beautiful shot of Alessia lying on the floor in her bra, her legs stretched up the wall next to Mauro. Our favourite photo of this wonderful couple is a simple casual shot of them leaning up against the wall, Alessia cuddled into Mauro's shoulder and her hand resting gently on his chest. It is always a pleasure to capture the raw love and compatibility within a relationship and it is clear that these two have a very special bond.

Alessia and Mauro wanted beautiful art work to put above their couch and were over the moon with the three canvases we created for them that captured their love for each other.

We love capturing the natural closeness between a couple like Alessia and Mauro
We also had the pleasure of meeting Ian and Myan, two physiotherapists that have been together for 5 and 1/2 years and are now engaged! Ian actually proposed to Myan on the toilet seat! It's an ongoing joke between them after Ian dropped his phone down the toilet whilst face-timing Myan and he decided to incorporate it into the proposal!

As well as being a wonderful couple, Ian and Myan are best friends, they always have each other's backs and are very much in love. Their relationship is full of laughter and they have a very special bond that we were honoured to capture. It is a pleasure to photograph a couple who are so in love, we got them to act natural and cuddle up together on the floor and just enjoy being in each others arms and the results are stunning.

Ian and Myan have a wonderful relationship full of fun and laughter!
With so many wonderful shots to choose from Ian and Myan decided to go for our Portfolio box and left with so many special memories that capture their love.

Photographing people in love is one of the best parts of our job and it is always a pleasure to have couples in the studio with us celebrating their love for each other and their relationship!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Welcome back to Image Portrait Studio!

Welcome back to Image Portrait Studio's blog! We've been away for a while but we're back up and running and we're looking forward to updating you on what's been happening in the studio! We've had a fantastic couple of weeks here and have met some truly amazing clients! As always, we can't talk about everyone that we have had the pleasure of working with but here are a few of our highlights!

We were excited to welcome Dani, Michael and 18 month old Harlow to the studio at the beginning of this month for a family photo shoot! We love family portraits as they not only display the joy and love that they all feel for each other, but also create lasting memories of a special time in everyone's lives. Time passes quicker than we realise and children grow up rapidly so it is a privilege for us to capture that unique family dynamic.

Harlow has a lovely cheeky personality with a beautiful smile and we got some wonderful shots of her playing with bubbles in our studio that captured the delight on her face! Our photographers also got some wonderful shots of the whole family together, highlighting their close bond – although they did have to use an apple to keep Harlow's focus!

Family time with Dani, Michael and Harlow
There was a lot of laughter in the studio during the photo shoot and we had so much fun with them all! We created some wonderful family memories and they were overjoyed with their Portfolio box filled with photos that they will treasure forever.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Eva and her partner Sam for a pregnancy shoot and were honoured to capture this special milestone in our studio! Eva is nearly 7 months pregnant with their first child and they are both so excited to welcome him into the world!

Skin shots are a beautiful way to capture the love and intimacy between a couple that no-one else usually sees, and Eva and Sam didn't disappoint! Our photographers captured some gorgeous portraits on our black background to show their affection for each other as well as their excitement for their baby-to-be! One of our favourite shots had Sam standing behind Eva, holding her close against him with his arms wrapped around her and their hands holding her beautiful pregnant belly.

Sharing the love and excitement of their first child
Eva and Sam had an amazing time with us in the studio and went away with three stunning framed pieces that will take pride of place next to their wedding photos at home. With only a few months to go until the birth of their beautiful baby boy, we were honoured to be able to capture this special moment in their lives and create artwork that Eva and Sam can cherish for the rest of their lives.

We also took part in a wonderful surprise for one of our clients with details to be revealed soon... watch this space!

This month we have also been to the Pool and Spa Expo and the Madmen Anime Festival which are always very enjoyable. The Anime Festival in particular was a lot of fun as so many people really got into the spirit of things and there were some wonderful costumes on display! We love the art and creativity people use to express themselves and a great day out was had by all!

We've got an exciting week ahead with more wonderful clients to meet and memories to make and we cannot wait to see what their photo shoots will bring!